cPanel DNSONLY Hosting

Clustering your DNS is becoming more common and popular because of the effects it has on your DNS look-up speeds. Multiple servers can have cPanel DNSONLY installed to manage your servers DNS settings. Coupled with DNS Clustering, companies are able to run a high-capacity DNSONLY solution that directly integrates with cPanel & WHM.

What is required for the best DNSONLY service

  • A minimum of 2 VPS/Server running 64MB+ RAM (Mini VPS
  • Each VPS/Server used for DNSONLY should be located in different countries (Company offers 3 different VPS locations, US)
  • The VPS/Servers can only be used for service cPanel DNSONLY and needs a clean install of CentOS 5+ (32/64BIT)

Once cPanel DNSONLY is installed and configured on each of your cPanel/WHM hosting servers you will be able to use the custom DNS and the service. During account creation, cPanel & WHM use built-in automation to create zone records on each of the remote cPanel DNSONLY servers. If clustering is available, the primary nameserver automatically syncs with the secondary nameserver and so on. It is recommended to have up to 4 different cPanel DNSONLY servers running to provide the very best DNS speeds.

The main advantage to DNSONLY is stability and scalability: If your web hosting server goes offline for any reason, your DNS information stays accessible, even when your web servers IP is not resolving at all. This allows visitors to reach websites on your server more quickly after the web server comes back online. Additionally, you can move accounts from one server to another without your customers having to change their DNS records. For these reasons, DNSONLY is optimal for companies running multiple servers.

Company Free cPanel DNSONLY Install and Setup Services

We are able to install and configure this service completely free for you, as this product is provided by cPanel we are able to install this without charging any fees. If you would like to have this service installed on your VPS (or dedicated server) open a support ticket to our VPS (dedicated server) support team who will install and setup cPanel DNSONLY for you.